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The FUMS Fund

Gene Scott

"The Future of my Fellow Scottie's" Fund

Here at Truth Seekers, I've never asked for donations for anything, because I do not desire to live off of my ministry. I consider it a teaching ministry, mostly online, and more of a priviledge than a job. Most of the lessons and studies here are the result of the teaching of Dr. Gene Scott, and since his death, the Prince of the Power of the Air, has systematically been eliminating and hiding the wealth of lessons, studies, and sermons from one of the greatest of all modern scholars. Many of his students are now fed up with this, and are banding together and creating a fund for the purpose of financing any legal fight necessary, offensively or defensively, the outcome of which would be the freeing up of our ability to openly share, at least what we have access to, of the teachings of Dr. Gene Scott. "Doc" as he is affectionately known by his students, wanted his voice, his teachings, his tapes, flowing over this world until the Lord Returns. You could freely access his archives where most of his 30+ years of teaching was available, and this was available for free.. until a couple of weeks after his death, and now it is gone. 

So if you have been taught by Doc, or not but realize the value of his teaching and want to help in this quest, then you may. Know that any money given to me for the FUMS Fund will only go to that particular account. This money is not going to myself, I don't want it. I am a contributer as well and only seek to freely share Doc with the world. Check out our court progress in the videos below. 


Send any of your contributions to:

Truth Seekers Ministries, FUMS Fund

P.O. Box 27

Brooks, Ga. 30205-0027

Or, donate with PayPal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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