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Truth Seekers Ministries Presents...


Questions and Answers...
Emails from Truth Seekers visitors.

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Vol. 1—Pauls Ministry, UFO’s, Cain’s punishment and real father


This new series of letters, will be covering questions and comments from readers, some good and some bad, as well as my responses to the emails. I will not include any identifiable information on the senders with the exception of their first name. Only they would recognize the emails. The reason I’ve decided to put these conversations out, within Truth Seekers, is that although I probably cover much of the inquiries in other studies, sometimes I will go into deeper detail and even cover more information than in the individual studies themselves. I’ve contemplated doing this for years, for I’ve accumulated a vast number of email conversations with people, and there is some good stuff there. These first few emails are some of my most recent ones, I’ll continue creating these letters and putting them on my site.

Dear seeker of truth,

It is the evil one that blinds man to the truth, and it is the Holy Spirit that opens the blind eyes to see the truth. It is the Holy Spirit that takes away the deception. I have found that my greatest prayer to the Heavenly Father is that in these days that I not be deceived. Jesus was very stern about that. Jesus once said you won't believe me whom came from God and in the name of God, but you will believe in the one who comes in his own name. Jesus spoke of two paths or gates, he said go in by the narrow gate for wide is the path and wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many go that way but narrow is the path to life and few find it. I always pray for the revealing of the narrow gate. Some say it is just simply the name of Jesus, but even Jesus said many would come in his name saying he is the Christ. We all have to decide are we going to honor his sacrifice by doing as he says or are we going to do what other men have said Jesus says. Are we going to listen to those taught by Jesus for 3 1/2 years or are we going to listen to someone who never knew Jesus in the flesh. In revelations Jesus praises the Ephesians for knowing and not listening to the false apostle. At the end of Paul’s ministry all of Asia turned against him, I wonder why? maybe this would be something worth investigating. Seeking truth and Loving God and His Messiah

Hi, Seeking truth,

Thanks for your email, and words of truth. My first desire when seeking truth, is that the Holy Spirit help me discern truth, and the narrow gate. Paul saved the Gospel of Grace. Jesus revealed himself to Paul in the desert in a way that he never did for his other disciples. This Saul who persecuted and killed Christians, was so dramatically changed in his inmost being, that it had to be the Holy Spirit filling him after his time with the Lord. The church at Jerusalem wanted "Jesus plus the LAW", as their theology, and Paul came against them for it. He was sent to the Gentiles because of this. The persecution came, and the Christians accepting Jesus as the one and only way to the father, with no Judaic Law needed, became martyred and persecuted over the years following Jesus death. It became unpopular to follow what Paul taught, which is why "they all left him". The reason that our bibles new testament are filled with Paul’s writings, is simple. They are truth, they bring us light without the added yoke of the law, and they point to Jesus as the one and only way be saved.

P.S. Another truth, is that James, the leader of the church at Jerusalem, who was the brother of JESUS, never followed Jesus during his earthly ministry, only after Jesus resurrection is James then shown as a leader of the church. He was chiefly responsible for the attitude against Paul, and they even had arguments regarding "Faith v/s Works".

Write me back anytime, With Love in Christ, Patrick Robinson www.prepare-ye-the-way.com

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 11:54:55 -0800

I agree with you about James to a point, my only concern is how can I throw out everything Jesus taught for the words of one man who had no witness of his conversion other than himself. Why would Jesus spend 3 and a half years developing his disciples to turn to a Pharisee. When Jesus walked the earth he gave glory to God his father and not himself, he was humble. Jesus never went against Gods laws but was against those who added to it or took away from it. In my heart soul and Spirit the man people call Jesus who's true given name is Yeshua I know came from God and it is his words that are life and spirit. Signs and wonders can not be the only witness for a false or true prophet. I appreciate your dialog and pray you not be offended. My search is all about God's truth. Nothing more and nothing less. God bless

Hi again Elizabeth,

We should never throw out anything Jesus said. His words are life and salvation for us all. We do need to discern exactly what Jesus was saying though. The scribes and Pharisees of the day, always saw Jesus as breaking some law or another, yet we know he fulfilled the whole law. Jesus stated that "You've heard it written...But I say". Changing our anger to murder, and our lusts to adultery. He wasn't teaching us this so we could somehow fulfill the law, he was showing us the spirit of the law, which is what he fulfilled. He never intended for us to be able to keep God's law. If we could do it, then there would be no need for Jesus sacrifice. If you want to be judged by God's law, Jesus will let you, but you and everyone else on earth would fail miserably. Falling short just by one sin, condemns us to death. “Faithing” in Jesus completed work though, gives us eternal life, reunited with God. There is no one now or ever except Jesus that could fulfill God's law and be the perfect sacrifice so we can be forgiven. Jesus also told his disciples, that if your brother sins against you seventy times seven times a day, that we should forgive them. If he was teaching us to fulfill God's law, then he would have been more unforgiving of sins that hadn't happened yet. Walking daily in faith will change you, God said he would write his law on our hearts, and walking daily in faith causes you to change. You will fulfill God's law, not because you have to, but because it will be your very nature to do so. Paul was one that was, "Saved out of due season", for the express purpose of saving the Gospel of Grace. Martin Luther, was another teacher saved out of due season to again save the Gospel of Grace, and his faith in nailing his 95 thesis on the catholic church's door, began the protestant movement, otherwise there would only be one church, the Catholic church, and there are many, many things that their traditions have them doing that are not scriptural. i.e. Saint worship, confessions, etc. Another truth that proves that Paul and Martin Luther were both called by God, is the fact that Paul’s ministry, is laid out in the timeline of the Great Pyramid, as well as is, the beginning of the reformation that was started by Martin Luther.

I wish to take away nothing from the disciples that Jesus taught during his earthly ministry, in fact I support all of the writings that we have of them as being scriptural, with the possible exception of James. What I am sure of though, is that "One born out of due season", in no way diminishes their calling or their teaching. I was given dreams and visions back in 86' to 88", and these encounters with my Lord Jesus, set me on the path I am on now, seeking truth and stepping on traditions. There was no witness for my encounters with the Lord, yet they are as real to me today as they were back then. I have been teaching others ever since, and I point to no one except Jesus Christ as the source of life and light, and my goal, as all Christian's should be, is to be conformed into the image and likeness of our Lord. We have to decide in our inmost spirit whether we wish to be judged by the law, or by our faith in the completed work of our Savior. If you choose the law, you will fail miserably, for just one sin, many of which are so obscure, and there are even sins that are unknown to us, causes us to fail, and for failure comes death eternally separated from our Lord. I choose to "Faithe" daily, keep asking forgiveness for my sins, trust God to change me, which He has been doing, and to keep running this race to win.

By the way, I am never offended by emails I receive, even though you think I may be. Write me back anytime.

With Love in Christ, Patrick Robinson

I overcome this world and it's ways by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. My faith is in the blood of the lamb to forgive my past sins and I learn and grow and live by faith in every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and I discern the word of God by His Holy Spirit for which He gave me, the voice of truth. the lambs blood is a free gift, but it came at a price, Jesus suffered and died for that gift.


I agree with every thing you are saying. It is just impossible to live a total sin free life, if the thought is as bad as the deed. You can't say that since your conversion, you have never been angry with your brother, or looked lustfully at someone, or some other sin of commission or omission. There is none righteous, no not one, save Jesus himself, and we will only be made perfect, as He is perfect when we get there and at the Judgment Seat of the Lamb, we will be purified. All the wood hay and stubble is burnt away, and what remains is the gold, silver and precious jewels. We can make it, but only by faith in Jesus completed work. I am not saying that we should give in to sin, by no means. We should strive to become like our Lord, daily walking in faith, truly appreciating His completed work for our redemption, and knowing that one day we will be made into His image and likeness. Thinking you can make it on your own merits, even after your conversion, is like saying that Jesus sacrifice isn't enough and that we must add something to it by living a total sin free life, which is impossible. This is an error in judgment. We must trust totally in Jesus complete work, and believe totally that when we do sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us all our sin, and see our redemption to it's fulfillment.

With Love in Christ, Patrick Robinson

God who sent yeshua (Jesus) to be the propitiation for our sins is a good and just and loving God. There is nothing wrong with loving God with ones whole heart. Gods laws are perfect and eternal. It is humanity that is not perfect. God gave to us the means to overcome through the lamb. yes we will stumble and fall but the one that keeps seeking God's righteousness and God's kingdom, that man will rise again. If we say we are without sin them we lie and the truth is not in us. When God sent Yeshua, He sent him as His son and his reprehensive. This world wants us to choose either one or the other. Yeshua came that man could return to the One true living God. If we love God then we will love the brethren. If our brethren love God so much and are so appreciative of the lamb that covers us and tries to do the will of the Father by harkening to His words who are we to judge and condemn them because they value what God says is good. Just because someone tries to live a Godly life by following His commandments does not mean he is trying to justify his sins through good works, but the one whom has Gods Spirit will have good works showing in his life, as proof that he has faith in God to change his life. Faith will cause a man to take a step where the lack of faith will cause him to stand idle. If this whole world went by Gods commandments, and not by feelings we wouldn't need locks on our doors and there would not be a single hungry person in this whole world, there would not be murder and we would not hate our neighbors. The breakdown is not in God or His commandments it's in humanity. Jesus was against man made laws that caused Gods laws to be of no effect. he said you shut up those trying to enter the kingdom because you yourselves don't enter. he was against those who added so many burdens to Gods laws that it made it impossible to turn left or turn right without breaking a law. Yeshua (Jesus) was the word made flesh and dwelt among us He complements God because He is the word of God. Jesus never entered an idles temple and he never ate meat sacrificed to idles but Paul says it's ok to do if you have faith. in revelations Jesus not only says this is wrong but he also says it is wrong to teach that this is ok. So there are some things that Paul says that I reject on the sole reason that God and Jesus says differently. If your reason for doing what God says to do is to earn salvation then you reject his gift of the lamb, but if you do what God says out of love for God because you know He made away for you, then you realize that God through the shed blood of the lamb is changing your heart and writing His laws upon your heart as He promised He would in His word.

Hi Elizabeth,

I agree with everything you are saying. We should not live a life of sin, and I don't teach that we should or can. I don't eat meat sacrificed to idols, or such things. What Paul was stating is the unequivocal fact that any sin can be forgiven, and the freedom we have in Christ is all encompassing, so that any sin is covered. I don't know if Paul took to heart his freedom, or lived a life of sin, but I do know this. That his words of faith are inspired by the Holy Spirit, and have set this sinner free from condemnation of my sins, past present, and future. We should live a Godly, and faithful life, being in the world but not of the world. I do believe that people are all sinners, some saved by God's grace. Some have written letters that have inspired millions, and led many to Christ. Jesus said, that if they are not against me, then they are for me. Paul was in no way against Christ, and writing 2/3 of the new testament proves it. Yes he is a sinner, so was all the writers of scripture, yet inspired by God nonetheless. We shouldn't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Keep what is good, and faithful and true, and throw away the rest of the rabble. I also agree with you that being faithful daily, and consecrating ourselves to Jesus, will change a person for the better. Things that they used to do they no longer desire to do, because God is writing his Laws on their heart. This is a process that happens to all the believers "In Christ", and is not instantaneous. It is called a walk of faith for that reason, we are daily given reasons and ways to walk in faith, and as we yield to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, we are changed. Jesus first recorded miracle, is changing water into wine. This was done at a secular wedding party, and the wine was alcoholic. So Jesus enjoyed life and hung out with sinners, not the Holier than thou elite religious leaders of the day. So instead of being critical of Paul’s freedom he had in Christ, we should rather enjoy the myriads of people that have been brought to faith in Christ through his writings. The reason this world cannot live by God's laws, is that there is something very fundamentally wrong with humans. FOR SIN COMES DEATH, We are born into a body of death, it is a condition brought on by our ancestors Adam and Eve, and until this condition is cleansed and erased, this world will be utterly sinful. We don't have to live in sin, I agree and support you on this, but the Law was hung on the cross with Jesus, and he took the penalty for the sins of the whole world, past present and future, so that believers in Himself would take off the yoke of the law from our necks, and lay it on him, easing our burden. I will die in faith, laying all my faults on the Cross of Christ. Until then, maybe I'll have a another glass of wine.

With Love in Christ, Patrick Robinson, Minister Truth Seekers Ministries www.prepare-ye-the-way.com

Please accept my humble apology, I was not accusing you of anything. I know that it is a journey. Jesus warns us that some will come in his name and will even deceive the elect if that is possible. I am only doing what I do with all those who write about Jesus. Not you I’m speaking of Paul, John, peter, James, Luke. I don’t look to see if Jesus words and teachings fits in with what Paul says I look to see if Paul words and teachings fits what the Messiah said and taught. You know church history as well as I do maybe even more if you know about James, you know that a council decided on the books of the bible and they almost didn't include revelations. When I first found out about James I was totally anti James. It is possible that even James had a change of heart after seeing Jesus raised from the dead. God bless you and I will keep you lifted up in my prayers.

Hi Elizabeth,

There's really no need to apologize, I respect and honor your zeal. That kind of commitment is rare indeed these days. If you read my stuff then you'll come to realize that I teach people to look for God and Truth in everything. I teach from the Apocrypha and some early church writings as well as known scripture. I teach on many subjects outside of the written scripture that all point to Jesus Christ as the central figure of history. Much of my writing is tailored for this new age of scientific thinkers that seek information and facts, and everything I teach points people to Jesus. God is revealing Himself and His one and only Son Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords to this world through many subjects and outlets that are out of the normal way of the "Organized Church". My path was chosen long ago, and I knew it would be quite different and very much harder than the "Typical Church Goers". I had to eventually leave the organized church for they didn't want to provide a support that I needed to teach the "Truth's" that I had been learning over the years. Now I just teach those that come to me through my website, and those locally that desire to know the deeper things of God. Time is truly short and people need to prepare themselves, spiritually, to be one of the "Wise Bridesmaids", and are watching and waiting on our Lord's return.

With Love in Christ, Patrick Robinson

END MESSAGE 1— Received 01/28/2012

Hello Patrick,

I've been reading through your website these last few days. Between your site and the Bible, I can't get enough! Anyway, I am curious about UFOs, although that's not even what led me to your site. I spotted one on Christmas Eve this year. I once questioned whether or not the sightings were real, but I know what I saw that night. I was sitting on the couch and was looking out the window/balcony. I saw an orange glowing light in the sky, much larger than that of an airplane. I thought at first that someone was shining something outside because it was Christmas Eve; you know, an image of a sleigh or something, for the kids. I saw that it was low in the sky, and moving quite rapidly. I went out on the balcony for a better look, and I began to see 4-5 orange lights. I was seeing it from a different angle this time, and the lights were in a horizontal line with no other form visible. Then, instead of the object flying, and being seen in the distance until my eyes could no longer see, it just disappeared. Just like that into thin air, the thing disappeared. It sent chills throughout my body. I had goose bumps everywhere, and my hair on my arms was literally standing straight up. Now, I am a Christian believer, and I would in no way, shape, or form make this up. I just want to know your thoughts on this kind of occurrence, since you have obviously conducted a great multitude of research, and you have no reference that I can see so far on your site.

Thanks in advance, and God bless you.


Hi there Amorita,

Thank you so much for your email and kind words. I apologize for the delay in returning your email, I just found it in my junk folder which I don't check as often as my regular inbox. I am glad you find my site interesting and hopefully useful. Although I haven't dedicated a letter to UFO's, I do cover them somewhat in my "Mars Connection" letter. Although I have never seen a UFO personally, there is enough evidence these days to know beyond a doubt that UFO's exist. The real question is what they are and who is driving them. This is what I believe is the most logical explanations of the phenomenon of UFO's and crop circles. Either the governments are doing secret research on advanced craft, which I doubt we have the antigravity technology capable of devising these craft, or the craft and occupants are "Leftovers" from the Atlantean civilization, which is very possible. OR these craft and occupants are more demonic or devilish in nature. Not only could Satan have given the knowledge of these crafts design, to people to build, but he also could have his own fallen angels or demons possessing someone, piloting these craft. If there are alien beings visiting earth, i.e. Greys, Reptilian, etc. then God knows it, and possibly even created them, but I imagine He only allows certain interaction with humans. They may be breaking the rules, with human abductions and animal mutilations, but their days are numbered, and if by chance that salvation is offered to them, then they have to come to God through Jesus the Christ, just like every other human will have to either make that choice of faith, or die eternally separated from God.

I hope I have answered your inquiry satisfactorily. Don't hesitate to write me back anytime.

With Love in Christ, Patrick Robinson www.prepare-ye-the-way.com

Hi Amorita,

I just thought of one other possibility that I didn't mention in the last email. Some, but certainly not all, of the UFO phenomena, could be attributed to Angelic interaction with the world. Many times in the Old testament, there is mention of chariots of fire, and other aerial events that are witnessed by the writers of the scriptures. They could have been witnesses to the very same type of events we see today, which were angelic in nature then and could be in this day and age also.


End Message received 1/19/2012

Thanks, Jean

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your email and question. I would first like to know which study you are referring to, so I can properly give you the correct references. Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you. Also, if you would, elaborate a bit on your view of Cain's father, so I can know where you are going with your inquiry to better assist you.

With Love in Christ, Patrick

I’m taking time to explain why I asked for your info, I was asked a question by the Holy Spirit. Why Yah (God) rejected Cain’s offering? Now, I know when He ask you a question it is for me to search it out. Proverbs 25:2, It is the glory of Yah (God) to conceal a thing; but the honour of kings to search out a matter. The Greek New Testament Cain is referred to as poneros, 1John 3:12, says from the evil one and from the World English Bible interprets this to mean that Cain was literally the son of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Serpent (Hebrew-nahash) mean from the Garden of Eden was the father to firstborn Cain. So I’m finding that Satan is the father of Cain. Now I know that Lucifer, come in many names! As I was investigating Cain, it took me to the fallen angels, Sodom and Gomorrah. Now I’m looking at where did the bad seed come from, Yah (God) is taking me from Genesis to Revelation, so I can know about the end times. I read your study about the truth about Holy Angels, fallen angels and demons, and I knew the He was using you for the end time. People need to wake up, our Saviour is soon returning for His people. If you have more info or Yah is telling you things for the End Time, please let me know. I appreciate all your help.

May Yah bless and keep you,


Hi Jean,

This would be easier if I knew what specifically you were looking for. All throughout the study there are scripture references for most of the Spirit Beings. What I am feeling from your inquiry, is whether or not Satan was Cain’s real father or not. I will say this, that there are many people that believe that hee was, and the temptation in the garden was Satan seducing Eve. I don’t know about that, or whether or not that Adam was his literal father, which he probably was, but Cain was following in the footsteps of his spiritual father, Satan, not our heavenly father. The main reason I don’t think Satan was his father, was that Satan was not locked up with the other fallen angels that had mated with the human women of the earth. Cain’s father, if not Adam, was probably another fallen angel that is now locked up, and not Satan himself. This is just my opinion and I have no proof, but whether or not Cain’s father is Adam, is irrelevant, for Cain chose to follow his true spiritual father, Satan.

I just received your second email while I was composing this email, so I will address it now. The reason Cain’s offering was rejected when Abel’s was accepted, was because Cain gave his offering of the inferior portion of his crops. Many people think that it was because he didn’t provide a animal sacrifice, but this is not true. The reason is because he gave God his, “Seconds”, not the best of his crops. You find this out in the book of Jasher, Ch1 v.16. I have the book of Jasher on my website downloads page, you can reference it there.

There are many references that I used in describing Satan, but most will not help you with your quest. I’ll list them if you desire, but what you are after, whether or not Satan was the literal father of Cain, isn’t addressed in the description of Satan, and cannot be proven either way.

I applaud you in your search for truth. Keep seeking, and your Spirit will guide you into all truth. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can, so feel free to write me back anytime.

With Love in Christ,

Patrick Robinson