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Truth Seekers Ministries Presents...


Questions and Answers...
Emails from Truth Seekers visitors.

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Vol. 3 - Is the Church the Bride or Body of Christ, A Freemasons testimony to me, Dreams and Visions from God

Great Pyramid, Received Aug. 20, 2011


As a Christian, I cannot thank you enough for this website(!) After an exhaustive search for “The Complete Books of Enoch”, I came upon your web address and I was fascinated; I’ve never read such a compelling, God centered argument for the creation of the Great Pyramid and its purpose.

I’ve been to the Holy Land and Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza took my breath away. I’ve read “The Lost Books of the Bible..and the Forgotten Books of Eden,” Rene Noorbergen’s “Secrets of the Lost Races”, and Flavius Josephus’ “History of the Jews, The Testament of Solomon,” and of course, our source as believers, “The Holy Bible.”

Question: Could there be still volumes of antediluvian wisdom, technologies and information buried beneath The Great Pyramid, or even the Sphinx?

I look forward to hearing from you!

The Best in Christ !!!!!


Hi Judy,

Thanks so much for your email and kind words. I believe it is totally possible for there to be stores of information hidden somewhere in the Giza Complex. Just after Egypt opened up the door underneath the “Right Paw of the Sphinx”, It seems like all information flowing from the “Authorities” clammed up and now the Egyptians aren’t talking about it. Edgar Cayce’s prophesy rings loud in my ears about this exact door being found, just before the Lord Returns, and it would open up a tunnel that would lead to an underground pyramid which had evidence of the existence of Atlantis in it. This alone would prove that the Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids at the Giza complex.

It is great to hear from readers on my website. I do thank you for your email, for it enlightens my heart and helps me to keep persevering. I look forward to future correspondence with you.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

Dear Patrick,

Years ago as a gift for staying in our home, my Dad’s best friend and colleague from Loma Linda Medical School, Dr. Ross Seasley, left us a book, “Secrets of the Lost Races”, by Rene Noorbergen. Little did I know at the time what an amazing impact it would have on me. I became a student/sponge of every source of literature I could find that supported Noorbergen’s theory about, “Ooparts”, Out Of Place Artifacts. Everything I read seemed to fit into the scriptures and fill in some of the profound gaps, timelines and mysteries of the written word, as we know it. (It is worth the read if you aren’t familiar with it) His other books are just as amazing.

A solid Gold bracelet found in a chunk of coal in England….one of a hundred plus items found that question and confound everything we thought we knew about the ancients before the Flood: Ley Lines, Magnetic fields, Flying machines, Electricity, Amazing technologies before the Flood (!)


Hi Judy,

I will see about that book. I'm always looking for more resources. I also go over much of the ancient technologies, and artifacts found, on my Atlantis..Fact or Fable? letter. You may not have read it, also on my "In the beginning" letter I talk about such things. It really is exciting when Christians can look at and study such things without worrying if the truth's we learn, fit into some preconceived notion of how GOD is or should be.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson
Truth Seekers Ministries


This next message was received Aug. 23,2011

In your paper the Rapture, you define the Church as both the Bride and Body of Christ. I have not been able to find how one can be wed or married to oneself. I think the point that nowhere in scripture is the body of Christ called His bride. This has been quite clearly presented by Charles Capps in his book End Time Events. One would assume that a bride and a wife are the same, don’t you think? (Unless you are a polygamist). If the church is therefore both the bride and body, why did John present the New Jerusalem as the Lambs WIFE? Is it possible that the wife could be the inhabitants? It just seems strange that one would be wed to an inanimate object. By the way… who inhabits the New Jerusalem? Capps presents the fact that the genders are not the same.

In Christ,

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your email. I so agree with you about the shame it is that the Doc's teaching is now available only to the "highest bidder" of sorts. I only wished I would have had the presence of mind to record much, instead of little. This world lost a great teacher when Scott died. I had only been learning from since 86', which may seem long but it wasn't. (Harry’s first email addressed Dr. Gene Scott)

In regard to your question about the rapture letter. It is certain that the "True Church", is called the Body of Christ several times: 1Cor. 10:16; 12:27: Eph. 4:12, and other passages refer to the Church as "one body", "the whole body", "his body", "his body's sake, which is the church". So it is certain the Church is the Body of Christ, fitly framed together, each member having it's own purpose and just as necessary as any other member.

It is also certain and plain that the New Jerusalem, is called the Bride, and the Lambs wife. Rev. 21:2, 9-10. The Bride is not the "Church", or even a part of the church. It is clear also however that when given to the Lamb, the Bride is clothed in fine linen, which is the righteousness of the Saints. How can a literal city be clothed in linen, and referred to as, “Righteousness of the Saints”.

The old testament saints looked for a city to come which would be their eternal home, as do all new testament saints now. Rev. 19:7-10 states that the Saints are the Wife of Christ, and Rev. 21:9-10 says that the New Jerusalem is the Bride of Christ. Hence there is only one solution.

The Holy City, New Jerusalem is given to Christ, including all the Saints, both Old and New Testament, occupying their heavenly home. When we are “In Christ”, we are individually wed to Him now, however we will not be called the, “Bride of Christ” until we, together with the Saints of Old, occupy our new home, and are then presented to our Lord. So you really answered your own question. The City and it’s inhabitants are the Bride of Christ. Israel was called God’s Bride, which included males and females, as will the New Jerusalem be Jesus’ Bride, which includes all the Saints from all the nations of the world, from all past ages up to the millennium.

I Hope I have answered your question. Feel free to write me back anytime.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson
Truth Seekers Ministries


Next Message received July 6, 2011

Hello brother in Christ. My names Henrique I’m 16 years old and I’m from London. I just read part of “A disciples dreams and visions” and I feel really encouraged and touched. I came across your website through the desire I have for dreams and visions and just searching up people’s experiences. I feel blessed to have read what you’ve experienced and knowing what God’s doing in your life which is very big. God has created you for a purpose and I pray and hope that the purpose and will God’s planned for you be fulfilled in His name. Reading your experiences just gives me all the hope that if it’s Christ’s will that he will be able to bless me with visions and dreams although I’ve been asking for awhile, I’m not going to be put off and stop asking and reading what you went through encourages me more. Keep up the faith and keeping running the good race of faith bro. Jesus loves you. I hope in hearing from you soon.

Love in Christ Jesus

Hi Henrique,

Grace and Peace to you brother. Thank you for your email and kind words, they are very encouraging to my spirit and resolve. I am not sure if you have read any of my bio, but the last several years have been a large long valley, that I am just now getting out of. Satan wanted to destroy me and my messages, but it seems that God has other plans. Anyway, enough about me. We are told that if any two agree on anything within God's will that it would be done unto them. I have already prayed for our Lord to reveal Himself to you in a big way. I know that he rewards perseverance also, so don't stop asking, and your faith will be rewarded if you faint not. I don't know what God has planned for me, for here in Georgia, I am kind of a lone ranger. That is why I just put up the studies on the web, and I do get steady traffic, so I know that the message is getting out. God also has something big planned for you, and I also pray that God brings his will for you to fruition. I know that time is getting short, and if we dont get there, that we will on the other side. We just have to keep on, daily, to practice walking in his presence, so his will can be known to us. Letters from faithers like yourself, help me to keep going too, and it seems that God knows just when I am needing to hear something. We'll talk soon.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

Hello again brother Patrick, it's good to know that despite satans attempts to pull you over your putting your faith in Christ Jesus and leaning on him because he is our supporter. Just continue standing firm and not allowing satan to move you, satan's job is to try and move us to the point where we are defeated and me myself have been experiencing this which comes as no surprise as I' am in Christ Jesus. What ever the storm and whatever the weather it is never to big for God nothing is too big for God, God is too big for the problem. I have not read any of your bio so if you don't mind could you please send me the link too it. And for sure God is taking the message which you've placed on the web to all four corners of the earth as I'm from London and your all the way on the other side of the globe yet I've been able to access what you have wrote. The fact that your saying 'The last several years has been a large long valley' just shows me how much more God will be showing me as I gave my life to Christ not even a year ago yet it feels like I've been in this walk for many years so that just encourages me to know that Christ has much more too offer with me. And thank you for your prayers I really appreciate them and I request that you keep praying for me while I keep praying for you, my prayers is that God will continuously keep using you and that his will be done in your life and also your family's lives and despite satan's attempt to pull you over you'll continuously keep over coming in Christ Jesus. Time for sure isn't on our side as it's clear that time is running out and getting closer to the end but that's all the more reason to continue walking in the ways Christ wants us to walk in and being obedient, where Christ is concerned great work is at hand Christ has more to offer to you than you can even imagine. I look forward in hearing from you soon brother, stay bless.

Love in Christ Jesus.

Hi again,

My website is called Truth Seekers, you can search for it and I normally place in the first few results. The web address is www.prepare-ye-the-way.com On the bottom of the home page is a table of links to each of my letters. My Bio is one of those. There is also links at the bottom of each letter to the rest of the letters.

One thing I will tell you now, for your walk of faith depends on it. Know this, Satan and his minions are constantly after true Christians, attacking our peace through any avenue they can sneek a jab in. Realize this every time something of this world comes against you, your peace, and your faith, and you can overcome all the obstacles that the Evil one puts in your path.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

End Message

Next Message Received Sept. 23, 2010

Hello Patrick,

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your website today. I printed out the Christmas/Easter and the Bible History subjects for my wife and I to read tonight. We really love truth seeking, even when it doesn’t line up with what I may want, or what may be “convenient”.

First I am 23, and have no children, and I couldn’t imagine the thoughts and emotions that would bombard my life if I were to loose my child. Your, “Christ-Sufficiency” is Extremely encouraging to me. It is very evident that you value Jesus more than anything else, and it is So important for people to see a man or woman who can exhibit such love and desire for a savior! I speak not only for others that will see and read your website, but for Myself. I had a more lengthy battle with drugs as a younger man. From the ages 14-20, I sold and used drugs of all kinds and amounts, but God intervened and saved my life, he really did. I had 5 friends die in the 11 months after leaving the drug “Scene”. I was blessed to be allowed to go to a drug program instead of prison, but there I met Jesus. It took me about 3 months of pretty diligent Christian teaching before I confessed faith in Christ, but when I did, I meant it.

Well, I got married, (to a wonderful lady who also found God in a drug treatment program) got a car, got a house, and things looked great. Unfortunately, what I am about to say would be hard to explain, but at this tie we were sheltered and unprepared for life-marriage. And as problems started to come, I started to lean towards what was easy, convenient, quick, even when it came to spiritual things. Slowly our “walk” became stagnant, we lost our flavor. We hadn’t relapsed or gone off and acted crazy, (like some may have worried). We just felt as though we had lost our desire for God. I can come up with plenty of pathetic reasons for my lack of desire, but that is pointless. My wife and I recently have started trying to do better, and it is SO hard. Just sticking to a devotional schedule together seems impossible. All of this may not sound too crazy, but it is really bad for us.

Patrick, many people who proclaim the same faith I do, (In Christ truly) have seen qualities in me that they see as a Huge Potential for Jesus. Look, I’m trying not to be prideful and just beat around the bush, but I’m just going to shoot you straight. At 22 years old, I was told by 40-50 year old men, that I was the best “teacher” they had ever heard. That is my gifting, and WHEN I line it up with the Word of God…..He takes over, and that’s where I’ll leave it. I only tell you that to tell you this. If your testimony is true, there were certain unique points about your life story that spoke to me. I don’t normally just email strangers. LOL Can you help me to focus my energy on Christ, from the inside out, with INTEGRITY. Can you help me be the same person at home that I am in Church, or at work even. What advise would you give to a 23 year old who knows a significant amount of scripture, and is questioning God, himself, his marriage? How do I reignite the fire and passion, and how do I MAINTAIN it, and not put OTHER things above Him! I will pray OFTEN, that God will ease your back, even now. I do know that He is in the business of doing things like that!!!!

You are making a difference Patrick, I could feel it when I read your page.

With Love,

Hi Geno,

I apologize for the delay in returning this email. We've had our grandson for the last couple of days, but the main reason is that I wanted to give your sincere questions the serious consideration that they deserve.

Thank you so much for your email and for the kind words and thoughts you have sent my way. I thank God and Christ for sending teachers like yourself that are not afraid of what the organized church may assume, nor of stepping on a few traditions on the way of discovering truth, which is surely what God would have you do. I'm not sure how your local churches see "truth seeking", when truth tends to go against many of their traditions, however, if they are like the local churches here in Georgia, then you will probably run into several local leaders that will speak against you, your sanity, and more. But be of good cheer, for I have found that there are many, many more people that will hear you that are impressed, enlightened, and astonished at some of the truth's, that, had they only considered them sooner, they would have lived a more faithful life. The main thing that comforts me, when trials come, and I promise you this, "They Will Come", is that .. God's Word is truth. All of the subjects that I teach on have one interweaving truth throughout them all, which is that God is in control, and His Word will always prove itself true. Now I am not talking about mans interpretation of God's Word, but the absolute truth imbibed within God's Word. When you learn a new truth that is just that, a new truth, and it seems to go against your current view of God's plan, then re-read God's plan, and you will normally find that His Word will align with the truth, and the perceptible difference no longer exists.

As far as my daily walk in faith, bear in mind that I am just a man, and I have my own battles of faith that I go through continually. Having said that, I guess my "Calmness, and Steadfastness" in the Faith, stems from my earliest encounters with Christ, back in 1986. (read my dreams letter) After my personal dream-visions with my Lord, I have always kept a calm, "Everything is going to be alright" for "God's in Control", attitude. Why he gave me these encounters, I am not sure, unless it was so I would stay steadfast in my search and teaching of the truth's that God leads me to. For, if I hadn't decided to leave the organized church, so I would be free to say and teach what I felt important for the believer that was listening, I probably wouldn't be the man I now am. I am not telling you to leave the church, but for me, in the day when I was starting to teach, it was the right choice.

Now don't get me wrong, I was angry with God when my son died, then, I was dealing with quitting "cold turkey", large doses of liquid methadone, and other narcotics, my emotions and faith were in a frenzy. I was having hallucinations and the pain was horrible, but after coming out of that, I've realized that God has been testing me my whole life. The walk of faith is just that, a daily walk, with ever occurring reasons to use your faith, and as every opportunity to use your faith is achieved, another test comes, which generally needs a greater measure of faith to accomplish. Like the parable of the refining gold. It takes much heat and fire to burn away all the impurities from the gold. We are God's workmanship, and as such it is his responsibility to purify and perfect us so that we will be conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. Not that we will look like Jesus, for we all are individuals, but we will all have the mind and nature of Christ so that we can be, "about doing the Lords Work". We will always have the old nature while we are in our physical bodies, and we will always have trials and tribulations while we are inhabiting "Satan's Domain". I've always been told, and have taught, that when you walk daily in faith, you will have worldly forces of evil that will work against you, that will cause you problems, hardships, even great trials, and you may wonder that God is not there, or that if you just quit then things would get better. Well if you were to quit your walk of faith, then the problems may ease off, but you then could lose an eternity with God. Jesus said we would have problems, not what most churches teach, that if you get saved then all your problems go away. Far from it, Satan will leave you alone as long as you are not exercising your faith, but as soon as you start walking in faith, then the fiery darts commence their attack on you.

Another thing I have found, is that as you walk in faith, God's promise is that he will change your heart. In other words, it will be in your nature to fulfill God's law, not because of some outside forces telling you to act a certain way. When I was just starting out, there were many things that I did, as a young adult, that I never thought of them as sin. But now, I find myself changed, and things I did as a child, I wouldn't even think about doing them now. Not that I am sin free, by no means, I feel, as Paul did, that I am the "chiefest of sinners". So realize, that as long as we live in this physical body, we will sin, but Jesus will forgive us our sins, and we can walk with integrity. Just don't teach that you have to obey the "Law" for you will ultimately find yourself being judged by the very words you taught. The Law was not given to us so that we could obey it, it was given as a schoolmaster, so we would know what God's Will was, and also so that we would realize that there is no way we could fulfill God's whole Law, not just the ten commandments, but hundreds. We had to have a Savior, a God-Man, that could fulfill the Law, for us, to bring us out from under it's judgment.

Well, I'll go for now, I pray I have helped somewhat. I look forward to future correspondence from you.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

End Message

Next Message received Jan. 14, 2010

Dear Patrick Robinson

Well my young friend that took allot of guts to print out and send to a Mason, Ok yes some Masons are Christians and have gone up the York Rite to and including the 33 degree. Most in the Midwest feel that being a Masonic Brother is something of honor and wonderful and for the most part all that is correct. Yet what you saying is for a fact true and therefore you have like any Major Group or whatever some bad reference and allot for a fact.

My grandfather was a Mason, Shriner and mother an Eastern Star and therefore at age 65 I became a full mason and completed the Scottish Rite degree to the 32nd. Allot to learn from the Scottish Rite and yes all that I learned is what you said we open a Bible and pray to the master of the Universe. Ok so I became a life member of the Lodge here in Hermiston Oregon and moved to Minnesota and became a life member back there. While I was back there in Minnesota and mainly because of family matters, My wife was still working in Oregon and no Mason from the Lodge ever called on her to see how she was or did any member ever contract me. However I did get a call at 2 am one morning while sitting close to tornado that a Woman was telling me that my Masonic Trainer had left her for a MAN---yes he the Mason age 35 is hooked up with a middle age man. I was really pissed about this and asked if she told anyone else in the Masonic Order and she had. I asked how many more of those bastards were in the Lodge. None that she knew of but wanted to let me know why this trainer never called me. I said so a few years back when you showed me pictures of him dressed as woman and I said that was queer---he really was bi sexual. She said yes by all means and she had pictures that she was sending me for proof. I said never mind ---I was upset. So I moved back to Hermiston Oregon and decided to keep this all to myself and not say a word ---after all this person was the Worshipful Master or head of the lodge when he converted to a full out right queer.

Ok so he started bring his partner to the Shrine Dinners and then The Scottish and then to the 100 year reunion for the Lodge 100 year birthday. I was steaming inside for I wanted the majority to make a decision. Finally I had enough and being a Christian saying enough is enough. So I called the Lodge which had a New Worshipful master and I was junior Deacon. I said I am removing myself from the lodge for I have not right to tell other man how to live his life. However now that you have accepted Gays and it only takes one sooner of later the lodge will be opened by a drag queen.

I wrote the District Deputy, Forward the complaint to the New Worshipful Master of the State and talked to him. When I talked to the Worshipful Master of the State He said " Well do not know if we can really say anything about a Members sexually life style.

Ok then I had the Mormon's bugging me to join their Ward or whatever and in my discussion with asked if they had any Idea of why I never had any Mason sit down or come and talk to me. The Church Elder said we for one you scared them----they did not care and you told the truth

I then asked about the so called secret Cry of the Master Mason given by Joseph Smith who started the Mormon Church and was hung. His words back to me were _--Yes Joseph Smith cried out ----OH GOD OH GOD is there no hope for the widows son several times-- and the reason was that the Mason brothers were hanging him. Shock you ?

So I said Ok if I join you Church and attend and the first time I see Gays holding hands and coming to Church---that is all for me --- I am out He then said ___If that bothers you then do not come for you should believe in the book of Mormon and let us take care of who comes.

You and I can read Romans and know the story of gay people----Being Gay is a Choice and if people have problems they can get all types of help. That is all a choice. Just let me saying well since I had a terrible Childhood and I did I became a bad guy.

If you join me on Facebook----john xxxxx and look close I have Mason's from all over the World and Why?. To study their profiles and see what they are all about

Being a Mason is not the first step to Heaven and if I join and quit ---you will come to understand that being a Mason does not give you life long friendships or brotherly love. Like the Elks or Eagles or any group---it is people who get together to build their ego and get out of the house and wear fancy aprons or crap around their necks.

I call a spade a spade and I am friendly toward all mankind for that is being a Christian and here comes your message from Glenn Xxxxxxx who appears to be a great guy and everyone’s friend.

Trust me he did not read what you wrote letter for letter.

For you to parade around a lodge blind folded , rope around your neck and learn the code etc and do all the work of the degree. Go take some college class's and get a better education etc.

As a Senior Deacon -- I would open the Bible and we never read a thing out of there---it was a symbol and after I opened the Bible and part of opening the Lodge etc. Then we closed the lodge and the prayers are to the master of the universe.

GOD is GOD period and father of us all and he gave his son Jesus Christ to us to learn and become his servants once and for all. THE BIBLE given to us to follow and not change anything for the benefits of making money or gaining personal gains.

However I printed out what you wrote and will put it with my Masonic Information and the next time I meet a person who asked if they should become a Mason. I will ask if they believe in God Almighty and Jesus Christ.

Keep in mind there are for sure Lodges that are opened by Drag Queens in California. Also Edgar Hoover --head of the FBI was a bull blown Gay and a Mason

My brother be very careful with your information of truth for people have killed to keep believing what they want to believe.

Let this rest and my God Continue to bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ John Xxxxx

Hi John,

Thank you for your kind words, and as a Mason, acknowledging the facts in my letter as such. I don't get many supportive letters from members of Freemasonry. Most of the replies from masons are negative, threatening, and totally denying the facts that I present in my letters.

I did know, however, that I was taking a chance when I wrote and published this letter and some of my other ones. I know that many masons have died telling the masonic secrets, and non masons have died trying to dig up the information that I am putting out there. I just feel like even if it costs me my life, if I can reach just one soul, then all of my efforts are worth the chance that I am taking. I no longer worry about what may happen to me or my loved ones, because I know that God's Grace is sufficient and that He won't allow me to go through anything, that he hasn't foreseen in His Omniscience, that I am not able to handle.

I just know that over the years, the subjects that He has seen fit that I learn, and am able to teach to others, that He has put a burden on my heart to teach all who would seek to learn from me, and this task will not go unanswered. I cannot deny what God has put on my heart to do, and even if my job in the Kingdom of Christ costs me my life, we'll I could ask for no greater thing than to be called a Martyr for the Cause of Christ.

I have been attacked by the Prince of the Power of the Air, and his minions, over the years. My youngest son was taken from us this past Jan 22, at just 17 years old. He would have been 18 on Feb 25th. I have been suffering from physical pain for the last 28 years, since I was 18, so I am not a stranger to tragedy and suffering, and I do on occasion feel sorry for myself, but when I look at and understand the "Big Picture" I know that GOD'S Will is being done, and He has his reasons for my own trials. If for no other reason than being able to relate to other people and their problems because I've been through similar things myself.

I truly find relief and comfort when I get emails from believers like yourself that appreciate my teaching. It seems that just when I need to get a "boost", I get an affirmative email and then my "second wind" catches me, and I can continue to run this race.

I will send you a friend request on facebook, and I hope you will read some of my other letters. I look forward to hearing from you again.

With Love in Christ,
Patrick Robinson

End Message